Non restricted Trigger Group/Lower for Modified DA50 upper

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ATRS has come up with a NON restricted trigger group/lower receiver that with a minor irreversible modification  to the BOLT ACTION SINGLE SHOT 50 BMG upper such as the Safety Harbor, Ferret and the Dominion Arms DA50 that makes the entire rifle NON restricted. This means the upper will no longer fit onto any AR-15 lower. So by having us do this modification to your upper you will have a dedicated trigger group/lower for your DA50 or similar, but the entire rifle will be NON-restricted.

You will be required to send us the upper for the modification. These trigger groups/lowers will not be sold without doing the mod to the upper.

The lower with the upper modifications is $750.00, a number of the small parts from a standard LPK are also required  ($50.00 will cover all of them). The small parts bag Canadan Ammo sends with the upper must be sent to ATRS. Only complete, tested trigger groups will be returned to you.

The DA50 comes with a proprietary hammer, as standard mil type hammers and springs do not have enough mass to set off the 50 cal primers.

A standard buffer tube and some sort of AR stock and grip will also be required to make the unit useful, these are common and can be purchased almost everywhere AR parts can be found.
From experience we would suggest something like an A2 , PRS, KFS TacMod or something fixed along those lines rather than a collapsible stock.
  We are done the final production run.

If you would like to be involved in this, NOW is the time.

Please send us your upper so we can proceed with the modifications


When you purchase this online please choose "Pick-up in Store" As we have no costing on shipping as of now.


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